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It's very hard for me to write this journal entry I've been outside for the past 3 hours digging a hole for a friend I've had since I was a teenager.
Many of you may not know this but I had a dog a big black lab to be exact his name was Onyx and he was the best dog I've ever had he was so calm, happy and playful.
About a month ago I noticed some lumps forming under his belly then shortly after they grew under his neck, & his eyes began to get droopy.
He was on medication for awhile but that was just a temporary solution to a long term problem my friend had cancer you see something that is all to common in his breed.
We've had several other pets but this was the toughest for me to deal with since I had to lay him to rest.
I've got blisters on my hands, tears in my eyes, and my heart is heavy.
I'm not afraid of death but I don't deal well with him he breaks my heart more than any person ever could.
Rest In Peace Onyx you where the best friend a boy could ever have.
I love you my friends.
-Vaughn Michael
Tags: death, heart break, lack of words, loss, my dog, onyx, sadness, vaughn michael
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