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The Time I Abide In Mind Is Mass Confusion

Mass Confusion

This Work is inspired by how we all more often than not are distracted by mass media confusion, and how dumb the majority of our society seems to have become or is slowly becoming.

We are Lost In A Sea Of Hopeless False Idols And Static Radio Waves.

I really want to encourage you all to start thinking more in your daily life be it something large or something small just think for the sake of thinking it's very much something we take for granted.

This entire concept started as a sketch in my note book while on my train ride from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh,p.a. where I currently sit typing this to you all.

It's been a long hard journey for me to finish this painting with the many distractions this painting is about which is more ironic than anything.

It took just about 6 or so months for this painting to come to completion with such distractions as illness, love, lust, teeth (something my next painting is going to heavily touch upon), and family.

So Here finally is my Final work each part was placed with care, every brush stroke had more meaning than the next, and the symbolism is something greater than I ever meant it to be.

I would like to at this time share some information you may not be able to see from the photograph I've taken.

Firstly the painting is the largest painting I've ever done, with this painting I've accomplished something that's hard for me to do besides paid work and that is the completion of one of my own works, there are many words clipped from local papers in the back ground each statement has relevance to my life and perhaps even to some of yours, & lastly the sweat and drool have been painted over with a coating of clear glue to give it a forever wet look.

I really hope you enjoy this and if any of you have any questions please do ask.


-Vaughn Michael
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