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Let me Just start by saying I may be a turtle fan for life but I sure went into this moving thinking I wouldn't like it and slowly as I saw more things for it I started to open up to it then about a week before I had read the paper back novel loved the story & now I've finally seen the movie and I must say this is hands down the bast CGI movie I have ever seen period the detail has surpassed anything I've ever seen before.
I gave it an A+ no not because I'm a turtle fan because it was a damn good movie that's why. I don't really know what all of these reviewers are talking about from start to finish this movie had kick butt action, a great story, & stunning visuals.
It was very Beautiful not sure if I care for the persons voice telling the story though but the fight scene was just beautiful. It may have come as a bit short but I think it got the job done I only wish it could have been a bit longer and perhaps we could have seen the generals in human form in battle.
Simply beautiful I loved the colors, the textures and the way the leaves and grass blew in the wind.
I also really liked the backgrounds and characters it seems to me that the people doing this movie really did their homework!
I do wonder though even though we saw no blood did Leonardo kill those guys in the jungle?
I thought this was a pretty cool way to show what was going on nice story telling device an oldie but a goody having April tell Leo what the others have been up to and while she didn't really know what Raph was up to we got to see. It was nice to see some well known voice actors playing the thugs as well as the toaster bit that was very cute.
I loved the fact that they got Billy West of Ren & Stimpy, & Futurama fame to play the TV news caster great work Kevin or whoever got him!
The City looked so nice and laid out my favorite part though had to be the dinner which has to be based on the famous Nighthawks panting by Edward Hopper I'm not sure if it is for sure but that's what I got from the look of it personally but Funny little art joke having Nightwatcher there lol.
While I found Michaelangelos little skateboarding scene to be honestly pointless the children got a kick out of it and I did like seeing the subway go through.
I'd like to add I'm very happy they took the time to make the prequel comics they help very much with the understanding of these story's. I only wish they had done more perhaps one on Max & the stone warriors as well as what the foot clan have been up to.
I liked it! It was like this huge amalgamation of everything we've ever had from the 80's toon, the movies, the comics, and the 2k3 series. Nice work!
Oh and to anyone wondering where they got the video Game machines and soda machines I bet they got them from the old foot warehouse in the first movie.
Simply Stunning the building that holds many works of art and priceless artifacts in it's self one. The animation on how the floor opened up was just brilliant. I also liked the security system I had already visions in my mind what would happen when Casey broke the vase and oddly enough it was just like I thought very nice.
I saw allot of people sort of having mixed feelings about this you have to have it though in my opinion you have to have the characters discover what's really happening around them you can't just skip that.
Allot of children started to talk over April & Don's part but loved the Fight between Leo & Raph.
I sort of felt that it was dragging on a bit though through the middle as did my younger sister she mentioned to me by this point she was getting sleepy.
I think allot of it had to do with the science fiction element it would really seem kids well at least young men where there to see the fighting go on.
Me I like both so I was just fine with it all and love to learn about past story's I'm not saying all but allot of children really don't care about that stuff I honestly can't remember myself caring till I reached about the age of 23.
The fight between the Foot Clan & the TMNT seemed rather rushed to me in all honesty I wish it could have been longer but perhaps that is just what we will get in next movie & I have no doubt in my mind that we will be getting another so better sleep now Kevin while you can lol.
I did like seeing Splinter running though he really did look like a large mutated rat for once in the characters creation and not a giant dog lol.
I must admit I still hate the music that had been chosen for this movie but it does work it's just background noise really to get you pumped and it did it's job for me.
I loved the moment where everyone comes into Winters Tower to see the Vortex Tornado reaching through the sky it was stunning and exciting the best way to describe this part of the movie to me is like when you've been playing a video game forever and you get to that last part it just gets so exciting.
Then to Have the Warriors Turn on Max and throw him like a rag doll was something else had I never even taken a look at the story I'd never have even thought about that let alone Max not truly being a villain.
The fight between the Stone Generals and everyone was great I think this was the highlight of the movie for me. I have to agree with allot of the reviewers when they said certain parts of the movie come off as Power Rangerish but I know what they meant by that now during allot of the fight scenes they have allot of one-liners some funny some not so funny.
The Turtles Used to do one liners in all older things allot and I think allot of people have forgotten that and the fact that this movie takes place in the more light hearted mixed worlds between Mirage black and white comics and the 80's cartoon.
I loved the almost ending of this movie between Karai's "You've passed the test you soon will be seeing many faces from your past again" to Max's laughter and happiness that his life may finally be over quickly rising and turning to dust it was great I would have been happy with it ending there.
But they went and did the lets have a Mike do a joke thing at the end I was oh lord please do not let this end like this and you know what I was happy it didn't even though the kids really enjoyed his eww it's in my mouth and nose comments.
This I didn't like so much I feel this is the worst part of the movie and seems like it was cut for time or something. I know it was supposed to seem like they where very short on time trying to find this last real monster but it just went by to fast and the monster seems to have come up out of thin air.
The Best part about this scene was Casey and April's bickering and the comments between Karai and the lone foot soldier that line of Karai's was the saving grace for me in this scene.
It also seemed a little to convenient for me that they lead the 13th monster back to Winters Tower throwing the Stone Generals along with the monster plummeting into oblivion.
I honestly couldn't come up with a better way in my mind though on how to make that all happen differently so I'm quite fine with it although I still think it to be a quick way to wrap things up.
Ok I must admit it was cute and sweet and a great homage to the Turtles past bravo it even brought a few tears to my eyes to see all of those things for some reason.
To see Shredders Helmet, The Triceraton Space helmets, The utroms blasters and robots, as well as artifacts from the other movies as well it was very nice and now Raph's Nightwatcher Helmet rest with Winters and The Cowabunga Carl head.
A Very sweet and touching ending indeed.
The Turtles Designs took some time for me to get used to but over all I think they look great especially with all the amazing texture in the movie it's creepy because it's so real looking.
I thought Leo was played as well LEO! He's the same as always in this one for me which is fine he does do a bit of growing up and starts treating Raph like an equal that he is finally towards the end of the movie which made me very happy.
The voice of Leonardo came off as a bit odd to me at first it's rather different from anything we've had before but as the movie went on I got used to it.
I really enjoyed his Jungle scenes I wish they had more of those hopefully in the comic I really like him in the cloak even if we got to see it for a few second of the movie.
I was a bit shocked during the fight scene between He and Raph though especially with him having being gone for his special training you'd think he'd have become an even better fighter I love Raph but I was shocked he took Leo down like that breaking his Katana and all.
Now this! This is The Raphael I'm talking about! He's angry, angsty moody, doesn't give a damn, does what he wants to me that's Raph.
He's officially my favorite character of this movie and glad he got so much screen time.
I'm not sure who it was be it Kevin or Peter who came up with the Nightwatcher alter ego for Raph but it's brilliant and I'd love to see more of it perhaps even more back story's in comics involving him fighting the thugs as the night watcher. Reading Raph's prequel book really helped me like the Nightwatcher persona even more so I really suggest anyone who hasn't picked that comic up yet to do so.
His Voice was great I really like them giving Raph that tuff Brooklyn accent.
Ah that's my boy! Good old nerdy Don! I loved his voice it really worked for Donatello.
The Tech support part at the opening was just great one of the funniest Don moments I believe in the history of the Turtles!
He didn't play much of a role in the movie though more like a background character I really hope they step him up a bit more in the next movie.
But they very well may since it would seem Leo & Raph are finally done fighting.
Mike's great the in movie he really amused the kids and that's pretty much what he does best in the animated tmnt world.
His voice was in-between for me I've never really cared for the modern day Michaelangelos voice to much it doesn't bother me to the point where I can't stand it but I don't know perhaps someday they can tone the guy down a bit and move away from the surfer dude California accent.
Cowabunga Carl funny stuff it's a shame the longer scene between he and Don had been cut.
My favorite part that the novel does not mention was when Karai opens the gates to Winters Tower and Casey is wearing the Cowabunga Carl head lol.
R.I.P. Cowabunga Carl the kids loved thee!
I'm sorry to say it but I have mixed thoughts on him he's been stricter than any other incarnation of the character I've ever seen perhaps a little to strict?
Ok seriously also what is with him and watching soaps all of a sudden in everything?
He did kick some butt though in the fight scene and at the very end so that was nice to see.
Mako was a great voice actor but he just wasn't splinter for me they really need to bring Kevin Clash from the other movies back he was the best splinter to me or even the 80's toon splinter.
Splinters design was ok I found it interesting and the texture was very nice but he was a little to light brown for me if they where going down that road they should have made him a little darker and dingy he was a bit to brightly colored for my taste. But still better than the Gray or white splinters we've had in recent years I really don't care for that at all.
Ya know Casey was ok in this movie even if he did come off as a shell of his former self I think though that Mirages back story comics will really help us understand this a bit more.
The Design at first I hated looked like a toy but as I watched the movie and how he changed through it growing face hair differnt outfits he's a really well rounded character.
Oh and his voice was just fine almost a little like 2k3 casey which I like.
His kiss with April at the end was long over due as well!
I'm also very glad that they left out the huge fight they had in the novel that upset me a bit when reading that even though I know not all couples are perfect.
Boy oh boy has she changed! From news reporter to Ninja jungle girl who can somehow take out Karai the new leader of the foot clan.
I really liked Aprils design even if she did come off looking like a Bratz doll as many people have said before.
The fact that she didn't wear the same outfit through the entire movie I believe is some kind of first for the TMNT universe and I applaud them for it.
Sarah Michelle Gellar was a great choice for April I think she played her very well it was different but I don't know it just really felt like she should be April to me.
I can't wait to get her prequel comic book to see how all of this stuff comes about with her doing this shipping business and all.
Max is an amazingly deep character who at first through the story you are lead to believe he's evil but soon we realize he just wants his ever lasting life to end once and for all and fix the wrongs of his past and you actully start to feel for the guy.
Great character design great outfit changes really makes the character seem real especially when his 5 o'clock shadow comes in.
I really was expecting him to say something like farewell during the part where he evaporated but I think perhaps that would have been a little to cheesy for the movie.
Patrick Stewart this man is seriously a gift from above his acting and voice talent is just great what's even greater is that he is now a part of TMNT history.
Lord was Karai beautiful or what! Her voice actress was simply divine as well it's about time the voice actors are the right nationality for the characters. I think it really helped allot.
I enjoyed her design and also enjoyed when she first saw the turtles and took on Leonardo that was great.
The foot soldiers where interesting to say the least they had the least amount of detail to them though which left me wanting a bit more even though they are just disposable ninja.
I can't wait for the next movie and I am sure we will be seeing plenty of Karai & the Foot Clan next time.
These guys and Gal had very interesting designs and are by far my favorite designs in the movie.
Sadly I feel they where not used enough and only used as lackeys in the movie which seems a bit lowly for such godlike creatures.
The voices of the ones that spoke where great though I must say I don't believe the female one spoke at all though which was rather disappointing as well.
Like I said great designs just not used enough in the movie.
Amazing designs especially The Big Foot, The Jersey Devil, & The Vampire!
It's a shame really that none of them escaped I'd have loved it if the Jersey Devil got away he was a really cool little guy. I liked him so much I went out and bought the figure today the one only I bought from the new movie so far mind you.
My gripe with them is also the same for the Stone Warriors that they were not in the movie enough.
They where great eye candy but some creatures we didn't even see them outside of the tanks I'd have at least seen where they got captured at. Perhaps on the dvd we will see these things.
I just really love monsters and I'm happy they had them in the movie even if it wasn't for very long.
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